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306-25 Metering Pump

For metering larger quantities of 105 Resin and 205 Fast or 206 Slow (3:1 ratio) Hardeners. The 306-25 Metering Pump will reduce mixing time and waste on large projects. A carrying handle allows you to move the pump where the work is. Reservoirs hold one gallon of resin, and one quart of hardener. Dispenses approximately 0.5 fl oz of resin/hardener per pump stroke (about 1 qt per minute).

Designed for Use with:

WEST SYSTEM| image: 306-25

Product Specifications:

  • Dispenses three parts resin and one part hardener (3:1) by volume
  • Two separate parallel pump systems, one for the resin and one for the hardener
  • Single lever pump-system
  • The pump delivers 0.5 fl oz of resin and hardener per full stroke
  • Calibrated for WEST SYSTEM 5:1 ratio epoxies (205 Fast Hardener or 206 Slow Hardener)
  • Can be converted to a 3:1 ratio if required for using 207 Special Clear Hardener™ or 209 Extra Slow Hardener™

Product Uses:

  • Streamlines the metering process for high-volume users
  • 105 Resin and 205 or 206 Hardeners
  • Quickly dispenses proper mix for large batch processes
  • Reduces mixing time on large projects
  • Convenient carrying handle to bring the pump where the work is

Ratio Ranges:

Check the ratio of resin to hardener dispensed by the pump before using. Recheck the ratio periodically or if you later experience incomplete or unusually fast or slow curing

  • Weight Ratio Range
    • 105/205 [4.8:1 | 6:1]
    • 105/206 [4.8:1 | 6.2:1]
  • Volume Ratio Range
    • 105/205 [4.4:1 | 5.5:1]
    • 105/206 [4.3:1 | 5.5:1]

Pumps & Large Batch Mixing Methods


Modifying with fillers and additives makes WEST SYSTEM epoxy extremely versatile for a wide variety of bonding and coating applications. Epoxy can be thickened to the ideal consistency needed for a particular job. Epoxy thickened with adhesive (high-density) fillers strengthens structural bonds, bridges gaps, and fills voids. Epoxy thickened with fairing (low-density) fillers is easily sanded and shaped after it cures.


The term “laminating” refers to the process of bonding numbers of relatively thin layers, like plywood, veneers, fabrics or core material to create a composite. A composite may be any number of layers of the same material or combinations of different materials. Methods of epoxy application and clamping will differ depending on what you are laminating.

Dispensing & MixingWEST SYSTEM Epoxy