Restore & Repair With West System Epoxy

WEST SYSTEM epoxy has been used to reliably build and repair boats for over thirty-five years.

But its practical uses are not limited to boats or the marine industry. The techniques used to restore an aging runabout, repair a delaminated fibreglass deck or build a stripper canoe are the same techniques used to restore historic buildings, repair damaged vehicles, and build weatherproof outdoor furniture. If you’ve used epoxy on a boat repair or building project, it’s likely you’ve found other uses for it around your house or shop.

This is an introduction to some of the more common non-marine uses of epoxy. Most of these suggestions deal with repair and restoration problems in an architectural or home environment. They’re based on our own home repair projects and suggestions from epoxy users like yourself. We hope you’ll be able to adapt these suggestions to your own projects, expand on them and explore new solutions.