Enhance Epoxy’s Performance with Reinforcing Materials

Reinforcing fabrics and tapes increase tensile strength, and resist hairline cracks and abrasion, greatly improving the longevity of an epoxy laminate. WEST SYSTEM offers glass tapes, biaxial tapes, glass fabrics, and biaxial fabrics as reinforcing materials for building composite laminates and selectively reinforcing structures.
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Biaxial Fabrics & Tapes

Ideal for repairs, tabbing, and reinforcing.

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Glass Fabrics

Episize™ Glass Fabrics are ideal for building composite laminates and repairing fibreglass structu...

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Glass Tapes

Versatile West System 9 oz woven E-glass fabric tapes, with bound edges, are ideal for reinforcing c...

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Peel Ply Tape & Cloth

Episize™ Peel Ply is a finely woven fabric treated with a release agent to which epoxy will not bo...