Skin Protection

Skin protection from epoxy is both easy and comfortable thanks to our disposable gloves and sleeves. The sleeves are made out of a microporous film laminate material which provides a superior combination of strength, barrier protection, and breathability.

It is much easier to keep epoxy off your skin than it is to clean it off. Gloves and sleeves will help you work cleaner, and ultimately safer.


These disposable nitrile gloves are made of lightweight, seamless neoprene. They are more chemically resistant than latex gloves. They provide excellent protection while retaining good fibre sensitivity and dexterity and they are more puncture resistant than conventional disposable gloves. Large size fits most. (Product Code 832-5 x5 Pairs. Product Code 832 x50 Pairs. Available in black/blue).


Resin Removing Cream

This resin-removing cream has been formulated to remove uncured epoxy from skin. It is available in 250ml dispensers and 1kg plastic pots. (Product Code 820 250ml).





Barrier Cream

This multi-purpose barrier cream protects against resins, oils, grease, and petroleum spirits. (Product Code 831 250ml).




Epoxy Skin Protection Made Easy and Safe

Protecting your skin is crucial when working with epoxy products. Following the outlined safety measures and using appropriate protective gear can prevent irritation and long-term skin issues. Safety is a priority, and investing in high-quality protective equipment ensures a safer and more comfortable working experience. Stay proactive and make skin protection an essential part of your routine to enjoy the benefits of using epoxy without the risks