Application Tools


Roller Covers

800 Roller Covers are thin polyurethane foam covers and are the only roller covers recommended for applying epoxy. The thin foam allows you to control epoxy film thickness, avoid drips and runs, and get a smoother epoxy coating overall. The covers can be cut for smaller jobs, narrow strips, and tight areas. By cutting these into segments, you can make to make an ideal tipping brush. (Product Code 800-6 Pack of 1).

Roller Tray

Flexible plastic roller tray allows cured epoxy to ‘pop out’, so the tray can be reused. Eliminates the need for liners. (Product Code 802 Pack of 1).

Roller Frame

801-HD Roller Frame is a 3″ caged frame that holds 7″ full-width 800 Roller Covers as well covers cut to narrower widths for epoxy coating in tight spaces (Product Code 801 Pack of 1).

Glue Brushes

803 Glue Brushes are handy, disposable glue application brushes with a hollow metal handle. These brushes, which are also referred to as “acid brushes” are extremely useful in a wide variety of small epoxy bonding and coating applications. Their hollow metal design dissipates some of the heat generated by epoxy’s exothermic cure reaction. (Product Code 803-5 Packs of 5).

Reusable Mixing Sticks

Reusable Mixing Sticks are practical for epoxy mixing, application, filleting, and as a cleaning tool. The squared, bevelled end reaches mixing pot corners for thorough mixing and blending in fillers, and for cleaning up excess epoxy. Use rounded end to shape 10mm radius fillets. Cured epoxy pops off easily, so it can be reused many times. (Product Code 804-8 Packs of x8 & (Product Code 804-25 Packs of 25).


300mm x 27mm, square edged wooden stirrers will ensure thorough mixing when high percentages of fillers are incorporated into the epoxy. Strong, durable stirrers that are ideal for scraping excess epoxy from surfaces. (Product Code 804B-5 5 Stirrers).


Good quality firm bristle brush for applying epoxy over the laminating area and for consolidating the fabric. Available in 50mm and 100mm widths. (Product Code 818-2 1 Per Pack)

Mixing Pots

Our mixing pots can be reused because cured epoxy easily pops out of these heavy-duty plastic mixing pots. The mixing pots come in 800ml to accommodate batch sizes that are convenient for most epoxy projects. The pots are also calibrated as an aid in measuring larger batches. (Product Code 805 Pack of 1).


Reusable 807 Syringes can be loaded with your epoxy mixture for injecting into tight spots. Ideal for hardware bonding and small repairs. (Product Code 807-2 Pack of 1 x 10ml + 1 x 50ml) & (Product Code 807-10 Packs of 2 x 10 ml) & (Product Code 807-50 Packs of 2 x 50ml).

Flexible Plastic Spreaders

The plastic spreaders are flexible, reusable 90mm x 150mm, and double-edged for flow coating, fairing, filling, and applying fabrics. Available in various units of 2 and 12 packs. (Product Code 808-2 Packs of 2) & (Product Code 808-12 Packs of 12).

Notched Spreader

110mm × 110mm Lightweight, reusable spreaders with 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm notches on three sides for quickly applying modified epoxy at a constant rate. Useful when laminating large panels. A thin, straight edge is ideal for applying layers of reinforcing fabrics.  (Product Code 809-2 Packs of 2) & (Product Code 809-36 Packs of 36).


Disposable Gloves

These disposable gloves are made of lightweight, seamless neoprene. They are more chemically resistant than latex gloves. They provide excellent protection while retaining good fibre sensitivity and dexterity and they are more puncture resistant than conventional disposable gloves. Large size fits most. (Product Code 832-5 Pair of 5) & (Product Code 832-50 Pair of 50).

Resin Removing Cream

This resin-removing cream has been formulated to remove uncured epoxy from skin. It is available in 250ml dispensers and 1kg plastic pots. (Product Code 820 250ml) & (Product Code 820B 1.0kg).

Cleaning equipment

Barrier Cream

This multi-purpose barrier cream protects against resins, oils, grease, and petroleum spirits. (Product Code 831 250ml).

Cleaning Solvent

A specially blended cleaning solvent for removing uncured epoxy from tools, boats, and workshop surfaces. Also excellent for cleaning contaminants from cured epoxy surfaces. (Product Code 850 1 Litre) & (Product Code 850B 2.5 Litres).

Cleaning Solution

A safe, easy-to-use cleaning solution developed to remove uncured epoxy from tools, workbenches, mini pumps etc. It can also be used to wash off amine blush. (Product Code 855 1 Litre) & (Product Code 855B 5 Litres).