Selecting Epoxy Fillers

As a rule, use WEST SYSTEM higher-density epoxy fillers when bonding higher-density materials such as hardwoods and metals. Any of the adhesive fillers are suitable for most bonding situations. Your choice of a filler for general use may be based on the handling characteristics you prefer. Fillers may also be blended together to create mixtures with intermediate characteristics.
WEST SYSTEM| image: 402 Filler

402 Milled Glass Fibre Blend

402 Milled Glass Fibre Blend is a high-density blended filler consisting of loose chopped glass and ...

403 Microfibres

403 Microfibres

403 Microfibres Adhesive Filler is a fine fibre blend. Use it to thicken epoxy blended resin/hardene...

WEST SYSTEM| image: 404 Filler

404 High Density

404 High-Density Adhesive Filler is an epoxy thickening additive.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 405 Filler

405 Filleting Blend

405 Filleting Blend Adhesive Filler is a strong, wood-toned epoxy filler.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 406 Filler

406 Colloidal Silica

406 Colloidal Silica is an epoxy thickening additive used to control the viscosity of the epoxy.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 407 Filler

407 Low-Density

407 Low-Density is a blended microballoon-based fairing filler for WEST SYSTEM Epoxy.

WEST SYSTEM| image: 409 Filler

409 Microsphere Blend

A pure white, hollow glass bubble based, low density filler designed for filling and fairing of fibr...

WEST SYSTEM| image: 410 Filler

410 Microlight

410 Microlight is the ideal low-density filler. When you blend it with epoxy, it creates a light, ea...